How It Works

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Order your weekly, fortnightly, or monthly supply of freshly cooked healthy lunches and dinners. 

1. Select and place your order online.
2. We cook your freshly selected ingredients.
3. Your freeze-packed order shipped next day.


Freeze Me!

Once your order arrives store in your trusty freezer for up to 1 month.


Not a favourite of the, but if it’s your thing, you can reheat your meals in a microwave.

Pan /Pot Steam

  1. Defrost (night before or microwave)
  2. Use a deep pan or pot
  3. Fill 1/5th with water
  4. Place heat resistant baking tin in water or bowl to create a stand for the plate.
  5. Place plate with food on top of stand in pot
  6. Place cover on pan/pot
  7. Steam

Frying Pan / Saucepan

Reheat in a frying pan after defrosting or frozen.